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Online Training

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We convert your stand-and-deliver presentations into a state-of-the-art online course. Why teach a dozen when you can educate thousands? And our process takes no extra effort on your part.

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I think Writing to Learn is a great, complete online course and support tool and I can't wait to implement it into my own online teaching." 
Dr. Jessica Hagaman
Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska Omaha


"I teach several online courses and I was intrigued by how easy the content was to follow, the activities were complete and the course did a nice job of explaining each step and implementation."
Brenda Tracy
Special Education Director, Norris Public Schools

"I think Writing to Learn is a great online course and I would recommend it to English and content area teachers who are new to SRSD."
Mei Shen
SRSD Instructor, University of Michigan


Writing To Learn was easy to navigate on my laptop and tablet and I believe it would be sufficient for teachers  to effectively implement SRSD in their classroom."
Amber Ray
Research Assistant, Arizona State University



I was extremely impressed with Writing to Learn. I’ve taken many online courses for my master’s program and none offered the depth of downloadable resources, activities and teaching tools as this. My peers would benefit from this course.”
Ashley Barkel
PhD student, Research Assistant, Arizona State University

”I really enjoyed Writing to Learn and the level of detail is superior in comparison to other online training modules that I have encountered. This is a great resource.”
Barbara Fink Chorzempa
Associate Professor, SUNY New Paltz

”Writing to Learn online is far more complete and detailed than the other PD and courses I have used online. The knowledge of the experts on topics I study makes Writing to Learn very valuable.  I would recommend this course to anyone who could deeply explore the content and glean the essentials from the breadth of knowledge.”
Erin FitzPatrick
Doctoral Candidate, Georgia State University

”I highly recommend this to school districts and universities that appreciate research- based strategies that work and will be able to see results and improvement in student writing. What a great, well organized online course.”
Barbara Friedlander
Special Education, SRSD Instructor, Montgomery County Public Schools